Archived Report: October 21 - October 27, 2019

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Health Topic: Social Isolation & Loneliness Among Older Adults
Weekly Report: October 21 - October 27, 2019


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The following themes have been identified by PGP as the most commonly found in conversation. The chart in the Weekly Monitoring Report presents the Top 5 themes in conversation that week. However, for an overview of all major themes that have been found in conversation, refer to the definitions below.

  • Care - References various types of care than an older adult may receive, healthcare, lack of care or abuse associated with caregiving, or isolation/ loneliness among caregivers.
  • Diseases & Health Problems - Health issues and risks associated with isolation / loneliness, or diseases associated with aging.
  • Family - Family and family dynamics in relation to isolation /loneliness, or individual personal experiences with isolation / loneliness in the family.
  • Finances - Financial struggles among older adults, financial stability, often references retirement.
  • Housing - Housing and various communities for older adults, or challenges related to housing and older adults.
  • Insurance - Conversation about health insurance
  • Interaction - Spending time with older adults, or older adults spending time with friends and family.
  • Policy & Services - State / local policies that impact older adults, or community services related to older adults
  • Research & Clinical Trials - Studies or research findings related to older adults and/or social isolation / loneliness.
  • Retirement - Various aspects of retirement and planning for retirement, the struggles / concerns that older adults have while in retirement.
  • Technology - Use of technology associated with aging and care, often a specific focus on social media, AI, robots, and smart technology
  • Treatment & Medication - Types of treatment and medications that older adults use.
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