Archived Report: October 21 - October 27, 2019
Health Topic: Mental Health
Weekly Report: October 21 - October 27, 2019
Weekly Insights
Rats can drive - and it’s good for human mental health
Scientists taught rats to drive rat-sized vehicles in exchange for fruit loops, and then studied their feces to understand if they showed improved emotional resilience (measured by levels of corticosterone and DHEA, hormones that control stress responses). Results showed that mastering the complex task of driving improved the rats’ emotional resilience, and likely enhanced their sense of self-efficacy. The results of the study help to understand which behaviors build up emotional resilience, one of the first lines of defense against mental health conditions like depression in humans. This suggests that engaging the brain, human or rat, can enhance one’s sense of control and reduce stress.
CBS working to end mental health stigma
CBS This Morning aired a live broadcast featuring celebrities and experts in the mental health field called “Stop the Stigma” in an effort to help break down stigmas surrounding mental health. The hour-long special featured data on the commonality of mental health conditions, personal stories about mental health, and how to help oneself or another person. While these elements are useful in creating dialogue around mental health, viewers also commented that not having health insurance is their greatest barrier to getting help.


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