Archived Report: September 30 - October 6, 2019
Health Topic: Mental Health
Weekly Report: September 30 - October 6, 2019
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"Joker" movie proves it is as challenging for viewers to watch as it was to produce
Fans came to actor Joaquin Phoenix’s defense after a clip of the actor getting angry with a cinematographer during the filming of "The Joker" was included in the actor’s appearance on a late night show. The actor stars in the film as the iconic villain. Phoenix apologized to fans for his behavior, defending that a movie set is a small space with many people and it takes focus to tap into emotions required for a scene. Fans were quick to support the actor for taking on such a challenging role, and criticized the media for categorizing what appeared to be an anxiety attack as “diva behavior.” Since the film’s release, some movie-goers have reported walking out of theaters prematurely because of the intense and "dark" portrayal of the Joker's mental health condition. Some have even said that the film should come with a trigger warning.
Concerning active shooter drill in schools
A high school in Ohio held an active shooter drill last week in which the local police department fired blank shots in the building so students and staff could process the sounds of a school shooting in a controlled setting. The drill was broken down with information on what to do during each step of an active threat. The rest of the school day was dedicated to conversations in classrooms around safety and social emotional activities. Members of the public questioned the school district’s judgment in performing such a realistic drill, concerned the sounds and process could be traumatic for students.


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