Archived Report: September 9 - September 15, 2019
Health Topic: Opioids
Weekly Report: September 9 - September 15, 2019
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Financial misconduct by the Sackler Family comes amidst lawsuits against their company, Purdue Pharma
Recent news has focused heavily on lawsuits against the Sackler family and their company, Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin. The Sacklers are one of the wealthiest families in the U.S., with much of their wealth gained as a result of opioid addiction. Amid a flurry of proposed settlements related to Purdue Pharma's deceptive marketing practices around the addictiveness of their drug, a New York attorney general has discovered at least $1 billion in suspicious wire transfers by the Sackler family. This discovery has fueled claims that the owners were trying to hide assets as they face growing numbers of lawsuits over their role in the opioid crisis.


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