Archived Report: September 9 - September 15, 2019
Health Topic: Mental Health
Weekly Report: September 9 - September 15, 2019
Weekly Insights
A controversial plan proposes monitoring people who are living with mental health condtions
In response to recent mass shootings, the White House has released a controversial proposal entitled "SAFEHOME," Stopping Aberrant Fatal Events by Helping Overcome Mental Extremes. The proposal would focus on using technology, including phones and smartwatches, to monitor people with mental health conditions to predict future acts of violence. Media conversation on this proposal was politically divided, with concerns around the privacy for those living with mental health conditions, as well as the potential negative implications of associating mental health with violence and mass shootings. Critics of this proposal highlighted research that has shown people with mental health conditions to be more likely to be victims of violence.
Shifting attitudes toward therapy and treatment
A recent study in the United Kingdom has shown that attitudes toward therapy and mental health are shifting in a postive direction, with data revealing a substantial increase in referrals to treatment. Other conversation around treatment highlighted a story about Johns Hopkins University, which announced the launch of a new research center titled "The Center for Psychedelic Research." The center will be exploring new options for treating psychiatric disorders through ongoing research on the potential beneficial effects of psilocybin (a psychedelic compound found in more than 200 species of mushrooms).


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