Archived Report: September 2 - September 8, 2019
Health Topic: Mental Health
Weekly Report: September 2 - September 8, 2019
Weekly Insights
A focus on improving mental health
Conversation this week shifted from the heavy discourse around gun violence to discussing strategies and advice to improve mental health. Advice ranged from changing diet and the benefits of seeking treatment and therapy, to managing social media use. Relatedly, Facebook recently disclosed the possibility of hiding the “likes” feature in order to reduce stress created by social media.
National Suicide Prevention Week
In light of National Suicide Prevention Week, celebrity self disclosure about mental health was also a common feature in conversation. Football player Doug Baldwin Jr. promoted the benefits of therapy, and a podcast that included celebrities focused on their own personal disclosures and experiences with mental health conditions. The podcast, "I'm Listening" was created on September 10th - World Suicide Prevention Day - to raise awareness about suicide prevention. The podcast features a wide cast, including Lizzo, Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Disturbed, Blink-182, Solomon Thomas, Michael Ray, and Korn.


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