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Weekly Report: July 22 - July 28, 2019
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Mental health conditions - symptoms & signs
Past week conversation around mental health focused on discussions around symptoms and signs of mental health conditions. The top tweet dispelled the misconception that someone living with a mental health condition should fit a certain appearance. This tweet prompted supportive comments and important discussions about the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, and how those with mental health conditions should be treated. Other posts followed a similar theme, with a popular blogger focusing a recent entry on describing her experiences with anxiety and depression, including her worries about how others will perceive her, and her efforts to act like what society deems is a “normal” person.
A social media platform aims to make a difference
Two of the top authors highlighted a new mental health-related feature developed by Pinterest. When a Pinterest user searches for terms related to stress or mental health, they will be presented with suggestions for de-stressing activites. This feature was created in response to a high volume of stress and anxiety-related searches within the platform. Social media has recently been criticized for negatively affecting the mental health of users, especially those of younger generations. This newest feature opens the possibility of using social media as a platform to support mental health.


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